STA Spirit

The Hideaway Sells A Vast Selection of School Spirit For You To Show Off Your Titan Pride!

Browse Our School Spirit Below!


Titan Up! T-Shirt (Black): $12.00

Titan Up! T-Shirt (Gray): $12.00

Titan Up! T-Shirt (White): $12.00

Titan Pride T-Shirt: $10.00

STA Baseball T-Shirt: $10.00

STA Tennis T-Shirt: $10.00

Southgate Titans Tennis T-Shirt: $10.00

Superman STA T-Shirt: $14.00

Southgate Bowling T-Shirt: $10.00

Southgate Volleyball T-Shirt: $10.00

Titans Soccer T-Shirt: $10.00

STA Swimming & Diving T-Shirt: $10.00

STA Titans T-Shirt: $15.00

STA Dry Fit Polo: $36.00

Nike Golf Dry Fit Polo: $35.00

STA Polo: (Burg & Gray) $33.00

Southgate Track and Field T-Shirt: (Pink) $10.00

STA Zip Up: $42.00

STA Hoodie: (Black) $40.00

STA Glitter Longsleeve: (Burg.) $45.00

Southgate Zip Up: (Gray) $48.00

Southgate Titans Hoodie: (Burg.) $40.00

Light Weight Burgundy Hoodie: $45.00

Burgundy Quarter Zip Up: $48.00

Grey STA Crewneck

Southgate Swim Team Longsleeve: $40.00

STA Glitter Longsleeve: (White): $45.00

STA Knit/PomPom Hat: $25.00

STA Scarf: $20.00

Southgate Baseball Hat: $20.00 (Gray)

Southgate Baseball Hat: $20.00 (Black)

STA Sweatband: $12.00

STA Burgundy Fleece Blanket: $25.00

Burgundy Gloves: $10.00

STA Seat Cushion: $10.00

STA Keychain: $2.00

STA Cowbell: $1.50