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Decimal Numbers Review and Game

Please read this webpage for review then at the bottom of the page click "Decimal Ordering Game" and then choose "Tricky Decimals", play until you achieve a score of at least 30 then print the screen

"Do We" Really Know Dewey? -- Download PPT from this link to answer as much as you can.  What you can't find in the PPT try to find using the WorldBook link from the home page.

Dewey 500 and 600

Let's Do Dewey

Drop-Back Theory

Flashcard Machine

21Things4Students - Digital Footprint

21Things4Students - Search Strategies

21Things4Students - Legal & Fair

21Things4Students - Home

Dewey links @Diigo

Dewey Decimal vs. Library of Congress

Comparison of Dewey and Library of Congress Subject Classification

Search Terms Practice

Blended Learning Resources

Links for Destiny Screencast assignment

Sakai online classroom