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Paying for Post Secondary Study
October 2018

We will have a financial aid officer from Baker college discussing at length topics concerning the FAFSA form and filing for Federal and State aid.  Doors open at 5:30 presentation begins at 6:00 in the Anderson Media center


A scholarship is money paid to you, or on your behalf, to help pay for tuition, books, housing or other education-related expenses. Typically, scholarships don't have to be paid back, which makes them the most desirable form of financial aid!In addition to the scholarships listed on the next tab, you can greatly increase the number of potential scholarships your child receives by creating a profile with a secure national scholarship search site.  Below are free and secure sites to search from a national database of scholarships.  While there are many other valuable sites out there, please be wary of any site charging for their services!


There are lots of scholarships on our list for all students. Look for the ones that YOU can qualify for and use this weekend to apply for them.

Unusual scholarships:
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