What is a Career Pathway?

A career pathway gives you a direction and allows you to make a plan of what you will do each semester of high school until your graduation date.  You can choose your courses with a pathway in mind, rather than taking courses at random.  By having a direction, you will learn what is available in the world.  You will be better able to make decisions about your future by learning what skills you will need to succeed.  A direction will connect you with post-secondary education and with the world of work.

Much of the pathway work at Anderson High School is within the CareerCruising program.  Students have 24/7 access at http://www.careercruising.com.  All students have a personal EDP login in and password.  Your log in will be sgt-your full student number.  Passwords are the same as your network password.

Use the links to the right to brief information about each pathway.  Much more detailed information about each pathway and related careers can be accessed in CareerCruising.