Southgate originally had TWO high schools! Southgate High School and Schafer High School. Southgate Anderson High School opened its doors for the first time September 8, 1982 with approximately 1,400 students. During the 1981-82 school year staff members from Schafer and Southgate High Schools held numerous meetings and provided enormous input into curriculum, selecting books, altering rooms, organizing teaching materials, and assisting with the physical move. The students also contributed to a smooth transition to one high school.

Combining two high school athletic programs into one during the 1981-82 school year was not only successful, but laid a sound foundation to build upon. Student Councils from both high schools wrote a new constitution, elected officers, and assisted in selecting a school name, colors, and mascot. In October, 1982 Anderson students welcomed and entertained the alumni from the previous schools with a Homecoming Parade, football games, festivities, and dances. On November 6, 1982 a formal ceremony was held to officially dedicate the building, and to honor a very special person, Representative Thomas J. Anderson.

Gilbert Hoffman, Principal of Anderson High School 1982